Meet the designer 

Reika Yamasaki is a conceptual accessory designer based in Tokyo.

She studied
Architecture in University in Japan. Graduated with first class honor from University of the Arts London (BA  Cordwainers) in 2016. She has been awarded of Bill Amberg "Functional luxury” prize. Cordwainers BA Placement Bursary (2014) and  the Excellence in Leather the End of Year Award (2016). 

Working as designer assistant/ artisan in London, Paris, and Budapest for two years brought her tremendous professional experience and inspirations. She launchd her own brand Rei Yamasaki in 2017. 


その後、2012 年に渡英し University of the Arts London: Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories 科 に入学。 革を主としたバック、アクセサリーのデザイン、製作法を学ぶ。

2014 年 Bill Amberg "Functional luxury" 受 賞、London design week に て 展 示。 同 年 Cordwainers BA Placement Bursary 受賞。 ロンドンブダペスト、パリにて経験を得て2016 the Excellence in Leather the End of Year Awardを受賞し首席卒業。2017 年 レザーアクセサリーブランド Rei Yamasaki 始動。



living art objects for generations.



Rei Yamasaki is a luxury leather bag and accessories brand established in 2017.

Inspired by the power and beauty of nature and formative art, all Rei Yamasaki products are sculptural, detailed and timeless.

The exquisite attention to detail and the unique silhouettes embodies femininity and self identity.

Every product is designed and handcrafted in Tokyo

Leather is a living material, she believes that adding the emotional touch will bring sophistication and aliveness to the bags. 

Observing the outer form as well as inner form of flowers/plants allows her to see different perspective of the natural structure and texture. 

“I wanted to design couture-like bags, it’s like the concept of when women fallen in love with a piece of jewelry they would take good care of it and by wearing it make you feel beautiful and empowering.” 

The pieces are incorporated beauty with functionality and the timeless design with craftsmanship will carry over for generations. 

Rei Yamasakiレザーバッグやアクセサリーは時代を超越し、造形的で繊細です。ブランドのコンセプトは、神秘・生命力・造形美です。